About Azzaron

Azzaron® empowers companies to work more efficiently and cost-effectively through purpose-built, agile, and resilient IT infrastructure products comprehensively integrated end-to-end.

By focusing on specific vertical competencies and bundling relevant services and software, Azzaron® is able to gain insight into operational efficiencies and deliver best-in-class components at a value-driven, flat per-user monthly rate.


Long-term contracts allow IT vendors to become complacent. That's why Azzaron® only offers month-to-month service agreements. By keeping you in control, we are required to be accountable to provide superior service with continually innovative and evolving products.

And Azzaron's new revolutionary IaaS Prove IT Pricing guarantee means that even setup costs are refundable if our service does not meet your expectations. We publish our pricing and discounts right on our product pages for complete transparency.


Azzaron® is dedicated to helping people achieve their personal goals by providing innovative tools to work smarter. In addition to our admiration for hard-working entrepreneurs, we donate generously to charity and promote green, sustainable computing techniques and business practices.


Infrastructure commodities is not our business, and it never will be. Azzaron® focuses on building end-to-end workable solutions with companies we will partner with for years. We value and work hard on every relationship we forge.